Lamb bones bought ka Woolworths with iDombolo


Dombolo recipe
Clean hands
12 cups flour
2 packets yeast (if e too much for u reduce)
2 grated carrots 
Chopped parsley
125ml sugar
60ml salt 
Warm water (kala ngamehlo)
Oil 60ml

Mix flour, sugar, salt, carrots and parsley then add yeast mix it well then add oil and water knead it well until it forms a soft ball avoiding it to be sticky then let it rest. For 2 hours to rise.

Lamb bones
Bones (washed)
Enough water 
Green pepper (maningawuthandi ningawufaki)
White pepper 
Garlic granules 
Knorrox cubes
Chicken stock powder
Smoked paprika
Brown onions soup
Chilli flakes
Black pepper 
Cinnamon sticks

Wash your bones then put water covering your bones, then add salt let it boil for 20 minutes then add chicken stock powder, cinnamon sticks and rosemary close your saucepan and let it boil for another 20minutes then add knorrox cubes, black and white pepper, chillie flakes, garlic granules and smoked paprika let it boil for few minutes then add onions and green pepper then add soup as is dp not mix it with water. Then with ur clean hands make balls from ur dough and put it on top of ur stew reducing heat to avoid burning let it cook for 30 minutes and serve.

Credit: MakaBhoyo’s Home Recipes

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