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Wholegrain baked potato salad


Wholegrain mustard and mayo baked potatoesIngredients3 big potatoes (cubed)1 tablespoon #Knorrox all in one seasoner1teaspoon of paprika1tablespoon of wholegrain mustard2tablespoon of mayonnaise or more if neededOlive oil


Washe your cubed potatoes and after pat dry them with your kitchen towelSeason them with your all in one seasonerAnd paprika and after Drizzle with some olive oil and bake them at preheated oven @180Bake for 15-20minAllow them to cool down and after dress them with mayo and wholegrain mustard and walla

CREDIT: Km Cooking Obsession

Samp with peanuts and chicken


Full chicken

2 chicken cubes

1teaspoon of paprika

1 teaspoon of tumeric

1medium onion


In an open pot put in your chicken and close the lid and allow it to cook on low heat until it release its own juicePut in all your spices and onion and cook on medium heat until cooked… If your chicken didn’t release enough juice you can pour in water please make sure not to pour tomuch.

Credit: KM Cooking Obsession

Today i decided to try out oxtail without using tomato paste and sauces and it turned out the way I wanted.


Oxtail cubes

Black pepper



Bay leaf


Pat dry oxtails with paper towels. Sprinkle oxtails all over with flour and pepper. Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil on medium to medium high heat and brown each side for 2minutes or until golden brownRemove your oxtail from the pot, in the same pot, saute your onions unril soft and after put in your cubes, pepper, bay leafand Add back your oxtail to the pot and pour enough water and allow it to cook on medium heat until well cooked.

Credit: KM Cooking Obsession

African pancake

Strawberries Blueberries sauce Banana 🍌Honey Plain yogurt


1cup of flour

1cup of milk

1tablespoon of baking powder


2tablespoon of cooking oil

2tablespoon of sugar


Mix all your ingredients in a bowl and mix until smooth… In a non stick pan spray in your cooking spray and scope out the mixture and pour into your pan and cook each side until golden brown on medium heat.

Credit: KM Cooking Obsession

Creamy cheese and garlic samp steamed brocolli Lamb bones


2cups of IWISA No1

3tablespoon spoon of butter

1tablespoon of parsley

1tablespoon+1teaspoon of Knorrox spice(more if needed 1 sachet of Royco

Creamy cheese and garlic pasta sauce( check pack for instructions)


Soak your samp overnight, and after cook it on medium heat until almost ready.Put in your butter, sauce, parsley, spice and mix the ingredients until combinedAll the samp cook on medium heat until ready and has thicken upTip:serve while stil warm.

Credit: KM Cooking Obsession

Roasted Shicken


1full chicken

150ml of mayonnaise

100ml sweetchilly

1tablespoon Paprika

1tablespoon of Knorrox chicken spice

Black paper

1tablespoon of dried parsley


Pat dry your chicken and keep asideIn a bowl mix all your ingredients until well combined… Rub your chicken with marinate and allow it to marinate over nightPreheat your oven @180 and grill your chicken for 1hour or until readyWhen ready please allow it to rest for 10-15 minutes before you serve it.

Credit: KM Cooking Obsession