So today i am giving us a simple recipe for fried rice.


Ingredient -Rice, Green beans,vegetable oil/magarine, carrots,green pepper, green peas, sweet corn, liver, red kidney,red bonnet pepper, spring onions/onion,seasoning,salt,stock water,curry ,thyme.


-Chop all your veggies and then stir fry for 1minute,add your sliced bonnet pepper. (You can add little seasoning too) then set aside…. Fry your liver also, slice and set aside too.

-Rinse your rice, then pour in a sieve.

-Place your pot on fire, add little vegetable oil/ margarine ,leave for 30 secs, then pour your rice.

-Stir fry for 1minute, now add your seasoning, curry, thyme, onion/spring onion, and a little portion of your green pepper(Onion and green pepper gives your rice a special flavor and aroma while stir frying) .. Be careful when adding your seasoning if you’re still gon use stock water to steam…

-Stir fry on a low heat for about 10minutes (I stir fry for 20minutes).

-Add your stock water, if the stock water is not going to be enough add water.. Be careful when adding water, do not add too much.

-Now taste for salt and seasoning, if there’s need to add more then add.

-Cover to steam/cook, increase heat now.

-Check if rice is done, if it’s not done add little water.

  • If rice is done, add your veggies and liver, stir until even (By now fire should be off).

-Your fried rice is ready, serve.

Credit: Debbiecookscuisine

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