potato salad with creamy sweet corn, chakalaka & Veggies


I’v made potato salad with creamy sweet corn (you get ur sweet corn on tins) add mayo and parseley.

” Macaroni but use the shells cook till soft add ur Robot peppers, green, yellow and red. For source use ur creamy sweet chilli, than when serving top up with mushrooms source* not forgetting ur tuner.
Roast ur veggies with butter and Veggies spice”
Roast ur chicken in a plastic bag for it to be juicy add all ur spices and sources of ur choice 10min before you put it in the oven.

Than chakalaka fry ur onion with papers , add caroots, spices than crushed garlic and ginger, tomato source and chutney.
NB: I use Indian spices and herbs.

Credit: Beli Qomakazi Mbaliso

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