1 cup of Penne pasta 
Chicken breast fillets
Cherry tomatoes 
Pesto (basil) [store bought] 
1 Tbsp of Oil 
Cheese (your choice) 
Salt and pepper

Fry chicken breast with oil and add crushed garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Add cherry tomatoes and set aside. Cook penne with instructions on package or as you normally cook your pasta. Add the penne in the chicken and mix then add pesto as you require. Grate cheese and serve while warm. Enjoy 😊

Note: You can use any chicken breast. I used the crumbed one as I couldn’t find breast fillets at my nearest supermarket. You can also use any pesto of your choice or make some if you can find the recipe on Google lol. Enjoy though!

Credit: Gift Mkhonza Bee

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