Clean hands and nails
12 cups (sibaningi ekhaya u can reduce)
2 packets of yeast(Reduce if its too much for you)
Grated carrots (Kala ngamehlo)
Dried parsley 
250 ml sugar
Warm water (Kala ngamehlo)
!25 ml oil
60 ml salt
Red pepper finely chopped 

Put all the dry ingredients together and mix them then add carrots and red pepper then add warm water and shove, add oil shove your dough until your hands are clean, let it rise and shove it back you can repeat that step for about four times, that will make your dough to cook. wash ur plastics and divide your dough and put them on your washed plastics then cook for 1 and half hours

Nhloko recipe 
Nhloko (Angyazi ke ngeslungu)
Robot peppers 
Mixed herbs
Heart beef (Royco soup)
Knorrox cubes 

Boil ur meat with salt for 1 and half hours if it is not chopped, remove from heat and chop cubes then return it to ur pot, put in knorrox cubes, carrots, onions, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, mixed herbs let it boil for 30 minutes then add soup let it boil for 15 minutes then serve.

Source: Slungile Maka Bhoyo Mbatha

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