gatheri with potato


I boiled the potatoes and added 1/2 tbs turmeric and salt and allowed to cook 3/4 cooked. 
I strained excess water in a cup.(I used it later). 
In a pan I sauteed onions and garlic then added about 3 finely chopped tomatoes and stirred adding my favorite spices of dark soy sauce, salt, ground paprika, Cummin, oregano, Royco cubes,blackpepper,green chillies, etc. 
I stirred well about 3 mins and added the water I strained from the potatoes. And allowed to come to a boil while reducing the heat to low. I tossed the potatoes in and allowed to simmer in about 5-7 mins.I switched off heat and covered the pan tightly to cool a bit then served.

Credit: Eric Muriuki Kinyua

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