Chicken curry stew for dinner, I served this with rice


10 drumstick1 chicken cube1tablespoon of of tasty chicken soup 1tablespoon of chicken spice #knorrox1teaspoon of paprika1 teaspoon of dried parsley 1tablespoon of @rajahsouthafrica3 medium carrotsHalf Red pepper dicedHalf green pepper dicedI medium red onion1tablespoon of cooking oil


In your pot pour in your cooking oil and after put in your peppers and onions and saute until softAfter put in your chicken and cook for 2minutes each side before putting in your spicesPut in your all spices and herbs and mix.. Cook for another 5 minutes stirring every now and thenPour in your water and close the lid allow your chicken to cook for 10 minutes on medium heat and after put in your carrots and cook for another 5 minutesMix in your chicken soup until it form a paste and after put in your stew and stir until well combined… Cook on low heat until the soup has thicken up

Credit: Km Cooking Obsession

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