Tried out @Pasta joy penne pasta with chicken hearts,here is the recipe❤


You need .
Penne pasta
Chicken hearts
Curry powder
Mixed herbs
Chilli flakes
Lemon and herbs
Chicken masala spice
Lemon (optional)
Tomato paste /1 spoon of tikka marinade
1/2 teaspoon of crushed garlic (not in the picture)
1 teaspoon of sugar

Boil your pasta for 7-8 minutes.
To avoid sticking make sure the water is hot before adding your pasta and never leave your pasta unattended. Keep stirring as it cooks.
On another pot fry you onions then your garlic.
As the onions start to brown add your spices,then tomatoes (you can peel them)
When this cooks,keep crushing your tomatoes until you have no big tomato chunks. Add your chicken hearts. Close lid and allow to cook. Add your tikka marinade or tomato paste. A teaspoon of sugar, lemon zest and allow to cook on low heat. When this has cooked well
Add your pasta and stir.
Sprinkle you chilli flakes and serve😊

The lemon zest is totally optional but I loved it and you might as well try it too ❤

Credit: By Grace Food Affair

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