Recipe by @Dinewithneo on Insta


I twitched a few things❤

Beef (she used lamb)
Green pepper
2 potatoes
Tomato paste
Curry powder
Beef stock
Bay leaves
Olive oil/any cooking oil
Spices of your choice
Salt and pepper


Season your meat with salt and pepper then brown/fry with olive oil on medium heat.
Once browned,remove from heat then on the same pot add your onions,garlic and curry powder. when the onions have softened add your beef
Add your bay leaves and all your other spices
Add your beef stock then water just enough to cover everything
Cover and allow to cook for 1 hour on low heat
Then add in your diced potatoes,after 30 minutes add your carrots and green pepper.
Allow to cook further. Taste and season however you want,enjoy😊

I didn’t do well on this but I will try again over the weekend however the taste was 😋😋

Source: By Grace Food Affair

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