Easy lamb shank Recipe


2 lamb shanks
6 potatoes(banters not for us😜)
1/2 zucchini🥒
2 lrg carrots
2 tomatoes
1/2 green pp
1lrg onion
Garlic butter
1/2 cup water but I used dry white wine
Spices…corriander…dry basil and tomato…paprika and salt to taste

Ok the method is very easy for us who are not chefs😜

Just mix everything in a pot
Let it cook on low
When potatoes and carrots are soft remove them put them aside and let the meat continue cooking until soft
When the meat is soft take it out and smear with garlic butter and grill it in the oven until its brown…it took 4 min for it to be brown…
While the meat is grilling turn up the heat in the stove for the gravy to thicken

When gravy has thicken swith of the stove add back potatoes and carrots mix then add the lamb shanks mix …

This was easy ne 🤷‍♀❤

Credit: Cooking with Fikz

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