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Beef stew served with samp and cabbage

Samp- Boil samp until cooked, add mixed herbs, butter and cream of mushroom soup. And add butter. Simmer for 15minutes. Add a bit of salt and pepper for taste

Beef stew- Fry the stew, add garlic, black pepper, mild and spicy, mixed herbs, paprika salt, tomato paste and continue frying. When it starts sticking to the pot add water. When the beef stew is almost cooked add the carrots and potatoes and continue to cook. When the beef, potatoes and carrots are cooked, add a bit of beef and rosemary dry cook in sauce and simmer for few minutes.

Cabbage- Fry cumin seeds, coriander seeds and garlic together. Then add cabbage, onion together, add salt, mild and spicy and continue frying. Add peppers and a small amount of brown onion soup. When it sticks tothe pan, add a bit of water and simmer

Credit: Portia’s Catering

It’s nothing new but just wanted to share

*Curry Rice
*Beetroot ‘Add suger, viniger and onion’
*Fried carrots with green pepper add curry Rajah and dress with Mayonnaise

* Coslow
*Sweet potatoe add suger, Rama and vanilla
*Boil green beans and Carrots until become soft and fried them with Makoti Spice and rajah, mix them with sweet chilli sauce and fruit chutney

*Steaw beef boil untill become soft, fried your Hawaiian stir fry with Mother in law spice, curry Rajah, add beef cube, add mixed veg and beef and onion soup.

Credit: Noxolo Makwa Amkelani Dumako

Umqa/or isijingi

Boil butter nut
When its well cooked and soft mash it put mealimeal cook for 45 minutes

Spinach boil when its half cooked put spoon of olive oil with chopped onion put teaspoon of cinnamon

Meat boil umleqwa or african chicken until its well cooked
Put one chopped onion and 2 knorrox tubes for tast cook for 10 minutes then dish

My granny’s favorite meal

Credit: Nontle Gebuza

potato salad with creamy sweet corn, chakalaka & Veggies

I’v made potato salad with creamy sweet corn (you get ur sweet corn on tins) add mayo and parseley.

” Macaroni but use the shells cook till soft add ur Robot peppers, green, yellow and red. For source use ur creamy sweet chilli, than when serving top up with mushrooms source* not forgetting ur tuner.
Roast ur veggies with butter and Veggies spice”
Roast ur chicken in a plastic bag for it to be juicy add all ur spices and sources of ur choice 10min before you put it in the oven.

Than chakalaka fry ur onion with papers , add caroots, spices than crushed garlic and ginger, tomato source and chutney.
NB: I use Indian spices and herbs.

Credit: Beli Qomakazi Mbaliso

extra meal yummy

Boil it till soft
Then let it cool
After dice it
In a separate pot fry onion, peppers and add rajah mild and spice and any spice l
Add 1spoon sugar

Then add your beetroot
When it has cool down add tomato sauce

Sweet and sour
Boil your carrots and green beans
Then let them cool
Add mustard and tomato sauce

Boil your spinach with milk
Then add salt
Cream of mushroom
Fresh cream
And cheese.

Credit: Nomcebo Fakude

Rice cook it with frozen veggies

Add tumeric
Aromat and Rama

Boil your beetroot till soft
Then dice it
Add chutney and tomato sauce

Potatoe salad
Cook your potatoes
Then let them cool then add gratted eggs and mayonnaise

Fry your onions then add your spices,and chillies
Add your cabbage
Keep on trying
Then add knorrox soup

2 Egg’s
Fish spice
3 heaped spoons of flour
Mix everything together
Make sure it doesn’t have lumps and it’s not watery.

Credit: Nomcebo Fakude