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Boiled beetroot fr +- 15 min 
(I dnt like juicy beetroot they spoil the whole plate) 
Cubed it
Cubed one green apple
Dressed with chutney n a Lil bit of vinegar fr dat sourness

Vegetable atchaar
One cucumber, diced
Robot peppers, diced
One bottle of vegetable atchaar
Mix all together n dress with tomato sauce, 
Sweet chilli sauce n chutney

Easy like that.

Credit: Tumie Ic Parkies


Can you imagine there is a possibility to stop a heart attack in 60 seconds? More surprisingly, it can be stopped by using only one ingredient you already have at home!

John Christopher is an herbalist that brought to light an effective formula for solving this problem. According to him, cayenne pepper can prevent a heart attack in one minute.


Take a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and add it into a glass of water. It should be drunk by the person who is having a heart attack. Also, the patient needs to be conscious. If he is not, then you need to use cayenne pepper extract and pour a few drops of it under the patient’s tongue.

Cayenne pepper boosts the heart rate and blood flow to all body parts. Moreover,                                                          this stimulant aids the recovery after a heart attack and is very effective when bleeding occurs. Bleeding stops at the very moment due to the pepper’s hemostatic effects.


This medicine is regarded as the best one when it comes to heart attacks. Make sure you use only cayenne pepper and not Chili, since it includes much more capsaicin.

These are the needed ingredients:

  • Cayenne pepper powder
  • 1-3 fresh cayenne peppers
  • 50% of alcohol
  • 1 L glass bottle

How to prepare the medicine:

Use gloves for safety and then add cayenne pepper powder filling a quarter of the glass bottle. Pour some alcohol in the bottle so it covers the powder.

Next, take a blender and mix the fresh cayenne peppers with the right amount of alcohol to get a consistency like sauce. Then, add the mixture to the bottle, filling ¾ of it.

Continue with pouring alcohol in the bottle to the top and put the lid on. Then, shake the bottle a few times a day. Keep the bottle in a dark place for 2 weeks and then strain the mixture in a dark bottle.

If you want the medicine to be stronger, keep it for 3 months and then strain it.

Keep the medicine in a dark and dry place so it can’t go bad.


The patient who has experienced a heart attack or stroke should be given 5-10 drops of the mixture. 5 minutes later s/he should be given another 5-10 drops. This treatment needs to be repeated until the patient feels better.

If the patient loses consciousness, put 1-3 drops under his tongue and then use CPR.


This pepper supports the gastric juices production, so it acts positively on the digestive system. It can be used for treating other ailments.

Cayenne pepper has antifungal and anticancer properties. Patients with lung cancer and smokers are advised to use cayenne peppers because the capsaicin prevents tumor development triggered by tobacco.

This pepper helps in easing stomach problems, flu symptoms, allergies, redness, migraines, arthritis, tooth ache, and obesity.



Children love sitting in the position in form of the letter W.

They usually spend many hours in this position while playing.

However, W sits put their hips and joints in extreme internal rotation which tightens the muscles on the inside and stretches the muscles on the outside of the hips.

This can affect the balance and coordination and can lead to serious orthopedic issues.

Therefore, you need to break children of the habit of W sitting immediately.



Deodorant is an essential toiletry for most people. If you ever forget to apply deodorant in the morning, you’ll usually notice an unpleasant stench coming from your armpits at some point during the day. So it’s no wonder that almost every third person keeps deodorant at home. But you can also use it for many other purposes.

1. Prevent sweat under your breasts

Regardless of whether you wear a bra or not, the summer heat can cause many women to sweat heavily under their breasts. This not just unpleasant, it also creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. There it is better to prevent this sweat from forming in the first place by applying deodorant on the underside of your breasts in the morning. You can do this to many other parts of your body depending on where sweat forms most frequently on your body.

2. Remove zits

Deodorant effectively gets rid of unpleasant body odor as well as zits. Spray your blackheads and zits with deodorant and this will purify your skin. Of course, you can also use a roll-on deodorant. You should definitely make sure that your deodorant has an antiperspirant. This effect ensures that the armpits stay dry. It is also useful when combatting zits.

3. Keep sunglasses from sliding off

Nearly everyone gets annoyed when their sunglasses start to slide off your face as a result of sweat forming on the frame. You can prevent this by rubbing antiperspirant deodorant on the sunglasses. This way your sunglasses stay put where they belong.

4. Prevent hair from sticking

Many women are familiar with the following problem, which often arises on hot or humid days: After doing your hair, you go outside and right away your hair gets frizzy and starts to sticking to your body. The sweat on your hair—particularly on your forehead or on your neck—can cause your hair to appear greasy.  Here antiperspirant deodorant works well too. Rub the skin around your hairline with deodorant and you won’t have to deal with this problem anymore.

5. Fit into tight jeans

Skinny jeans are extremely popular these days but there’s one problem with them. As the name “skinny” already suggests, they are cut very tight and many women have to squeeze their way into them with a lot of effort. But a woman won’t mind this annoyance particularly when it’s her favorite pair of jeans. You can avoid this hassle by drawing a line of deodorant from your upper thigh down to your ankles. From now on, you’ll be able to slide right into your skinny jeans as easily as into a pair of sweatpants.

6. Avoid discoloration of clothing

If you sit in a black chair with a light summer dress for a long time, your sweat will leave marks on the back eventually. But you can avoid this by rubbing on antiperspirant deodorant on your back. The deodorant ensures that you don’t sweat on your backside. This will effectively prevent your clothes from getting discolored.

7. Prevent nocturnal sweat outbreaks

Many people have been there before: You wake up in a puddle of sweat the morning after having a nightmare or sleeping through a hot summer night. Your antiperspirant deodorant will help you in this case. Just put some on your back. However, if you sweat heavily on a regularly basis, you should see a doctor. Sometimes diseases can be the cause of nocturnal sweating.

8. Prevent your feet from smelling

The same effect that deodorant has on your armpits can be used against smelly feet just as well. Feet have 250,000 sweat glands—more than any other part of the body. So you should pay special attention to their hygiene. Spray them generously with deodorant and don’t forget the soles of your feet as well as your shoes.

9. Avoid annoying blisters

Shoes that you recently bought or shoes that are too tight can quickly cause painful and unpleasant blisters on your feet. The moisture in the shoe can make things worse and help form blisters. Antiperspirant deodorant can combat this. It soaks up the disgusting sweat in your shoes or prevents it from developing at all.

10. Prevent razor burn

Many women believe it is a must to shave the hairs in the bikini zone particularly in the summer. But often ugly red bumps appear as a result: razor burn. An antiperspirant deodorant can help prevent these red bumps from appearing. Simply apply it right after shaving your bikini zone and the skin will stay smooth.

Take advantage of these useful applications of deodorant. Even if it may seem strange at first, rubbing it under your breasts, on your face or on your legs is definitely well worth it!


2 drops of this in your ears and 97% of your hearing recovers! Even old people from 80 to 90 are driven crazy by this simple and natural remedy!

Auditory problems mostly appear because of aging, but recently, more and more people have this kind of problems no matter their age, sex or race.

But, luckily for you, we’re going to present you an article that uses only 2 drops of a mixture in your ears and your hearing recovers in 97%!

This problem could become serious for people’s personal development, for example in the field of work: if you’re constantly telling people to repeat you what they’ve said, you could have problems. You could also have problems by not hearing the horns of any vehicle, especially while you’re walking or driving.

Numerous treatments are present on the market and they all promise that your hearing recovers with their usage, but here, we’re going to suggest you a natural solution that will help you reduce your hearing problems in a very simple form! It uses an ingredient which is very common and is used every day by people all around the world. It’s garlic!

Garlic is universally used to solve many health problems. You’ve also probably heard about numerous legends that claimed that garlic had the ability to destroy vampires.

So, here’s our recipe including this famous kitchen ingredient in a different way!

You need: 

– 3 garlic cloves

– olive oil

– dropper

– cotton or gauze


Take the three garlic cloves and remove their rind completely. Wash them and then press them firmly so that you can extract the maximum quantity of juice possible. Mix the garlic juice with the olive oil and put it in the dropper.

Put three to four drops of this oil in your ear and your hearing recovers instantly! Take a piece of gauze or cotton to close your ear so that the oil can’t go out. Rest for a while lying down, so that the oil could penetrate in your ear deeply. The results will appear very soon and you’ll be amazed!


Add Salt To Your Shampoo And Solve One Of The Biggest Hair Problems

We all add salt to our dishes on a daily basis, but only a few are aware that it can be of great help in the treatment of various health issues.

For instance, if you add 2-3 tablespoons of salt to your shampoo, you will make an excellent shampoo for oily hair, and the effects are almost instant!

Here are some other ways to use salt:

Leg peeling

You should add 2 tablespoons of salt to a cup of olive oil, and rub the legs with the scrub to make the skin smooth and soft as silk.

Salt body peel

It is also amazing as a body scrub. Yu should add 2 tablespoons of rough sea salt to half a cup of coconut oil, and use the mixture as a body scrub.

Salt as a natural remedy

Headaches – In case you often suffer from headaches, you should add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of water, and drink the solution. It will treat a headache in less than 15 minutes.

Injuries – Even though salt causes a short-term pain when applied to wounds, it actually accelerated the healing process. You should add 2 teaspoons of salt in a glass of water, and then apply the remedy on the wound.

However, note that you should be careful with the consumption of salt in case you are suffering from high blood pressure.

14 Signs Showing That Your Blood Sugar is Very High

The blood sugar level in the body indicates the amount of glucose in the blood, which is a type of sugar which is the main energy source for the body.

We consume glucose through food, and it is being distributed to all cells throughout the body.

High blood glucose(blood sugar), or technically, hyperglycemia, occurs when the body cannot use glucose properly( type2 diabetes), or it has insufficient amounts of it (type 1 diabetes).

If this condition lasts longer, for instance, for months and years, it will permanently damage certain body parts, including the kidneys, blood vessels, nerves, and eyes.

In diabetics, the blood sugar levels can be increased due to various different factors, including:

  • over-treating an episode of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • missing a dose or taking a wrong dose of the diabetes medication
  • a lack of exercise
  • stress
  • an illness, like a common cold
  • dehydration
  • overeating, such as snacking between meals
  • certain medicines, like steroid medication

Additionally, children and young adults may also experience occasional episodes of hyperglycemia during growth spurts.

High Blood Sugar Symptoms

Increased blood sugar levels do not necessarily  mean that you have diabetes, as high blood sugar is a symptom od diabetes.

In some cases, people with hyperglycemia, do not experience any signs of the condition.

However,  these are the most common symptoms of high blood sugar:

  1. Frequent urination and/or urination during the night
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Difficulty concentrating
  4. Dry mouth
  5. Impotence
  6. Recurrent infections
  7. Slow healing of cuts and wounds
  8. Stomach problems
  9. Constant fatigue or extreme tiredness
  10. Increased thirst
  11. Dry and itchy skin
  12. Constant hunger
  13. Excess abdominal fat/weight gain
  14. Nerve problems

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels With Glycemic Food

The Glycemic Index or simple GI indicates a number of carbs in foods which increase blood sugar levels, and it can vary from 0 to 100.

High-GI ingredients are processed much faster than low-GI foods, so the consumption of the latter will reduce insulin levels. Moreover, those foods are also beneficial for losing extra weight.

The following list includes foods together with their glycemic index:

Low GI Foods
(Foods with a GI between 0 and 54 are low Gi foods. You should consume them on a daily basis. )

  • One egg – 0
  • One cup of hummus equals – 6
  • One cup of broccoli – 10
  • One mid-sized yellow onion – 10
  • One cup of walnuts – 15
  • One cup of cherries – 22
  • One cup of cashew nuts – 22
  • One cup of yogurt – 23
  • One Turkey sausage – 28
  • One cup of kidney beans – 31
  • One cup of butter beans – 34
  • 8 ounces of tomato juice – 38
  • One mid-sized apple – 38
  • One cup of spaghetti – 42
  • One cup of green grapes – 46
  • Eight ounces of pineapple juice – 46
  • One large carrot – 47
  • One medium orange – 48
  • One large grapefruit – 50
  • One large banana – 52
  • One cup of peas – 54

Moderate GI Foods
(foods with a Gi between 55 and 69 are considered to be moderate GI foods, so you should consume them in moderate amounts)

  • One cup of brown rice – 55
  • One tablespoon of raw honey – 55
  • One cup of oatmeal – 58
  • One cup of regular white rice – 64
  • One serving of macaroni and cheese – 64

High GI Foods
(High Gi foods are between 70 and 100 on the scale, and their regular consumption causes various severe health problems. It is highly recommended to avoid these foods)

  • One slice of regular white bread – 70
  • 2 cups of popcorn – 72
  • One doughnut (glazed) – 76
  • One rice cake – 78
  • One mid-sized baked potato – 85
  • One serving of corn flakes – 92
  • 50 grams of glucose – 100

Our diet dramatically affects our general health, especially blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you experience these symptoms of hyperglycemia, you should make some dietary changes and try to naturally maintain a healthy balance, before it causes further complications.


As they say there is everything in this world for good things to the worst things likewise happen in the world of plants. Most of us agree that our house needs something green the same as it says while green is better.Even many would like to have their home as a rain forest.

Please read this carefully. My son died because he put a piece of leaf in his mouth and tongue and these swelled to suffocate. This plant is very common in many homes and offices. It is deadly poisonous and dangerous, to the point of killing a child in 1 minute and an adult in 15 minutes. If you touch it by chance you should never bring your fingers to your eyes, as this could cause permanent blindness. Warn your friends and family . ”

Thus began a chain to share information to protect all people from this plant that could cost you life,

It all started when the little Esteban 5 years old playing , notice child to his mother that he felt bad and she thought it was just indigestion or fatigue of these common. But he began to worry when he noticed that his son was beginning to have a strange color on his skin and great difficulty in breathing.

He quickly called the ambulance, which transferred him to hospital where he was admitted poisoning emergency , no one knew what was really happening, were moments of great distress.

After 1/2 hour later, the doctor left the room where was little to inform his mother who had died and that as much as possible is that poisoning was something I had eaten. She was in shock, had no idea she could have eaten.

For this reason, he requested and ordered a blood test and the results revealed a large dose of a chemical called calcium oxalate.

The chemical is found in a plant known as Diefenbaker or better known in countries of Latin America as Amoena , which is very common thing in our own them . People who have it indoors since it has great resistance / hardness to be in the shade without the need for sunlight, either at home or in offices, but one should be especially careful especially with children by Its high rate of poisoning if it is to be consumed.

Data from 2006 in the United States, which registered 64,250 cases of poisoning with plants, of which 75% were children under 5 years.

If someone suffered a poisoning Diefenbaker, the National Library of Medicine of the United States recommends that you clean the mouth with a cold , wet cloth, rinse your eyes if any contact with the plant had and give to ingest milk. Then consult a care center.

What produces this plant is very dangerous for life because it causes death. Do not forget to share so that everyone will know about this plant and the dangers they can cause.

Scientists Confirmed: This Is The World’s #1 Food For Hypertension, Heart Attack, Stroke and Cholesterol!

Dates are ones of the healthiest fruits you can consume, as they are rich in beneficial ingredients that treat various health issues, including hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, and high cholesterol.

They also accelerate the metabolism. Here are 8 of their health benefits:

Dates prevent diarrhea

Dates are high in potassium, which prevents diarrhea by the healthy bacteria and thus relieving the belly flora and the intestines.

Dates regulate cholesterol

Dates cleanse blood vessels and prevent the formation of blood clots, so they effectively regulate the unhealthy cholesterol or LDL.

Dates regulate blood pressure

Dates are high in potassium and contain no sodium, so they are perfect in the case of hypertension. Moreover, 5-6 dates contain 80 mg of magnesium, which boosts the blood flow and is spread through the blood vessels. To reduce blood pressure, you need about 370 mg of magnesium.

Dates for anemia

These fruits are a rich source of iron, so they are extremely useful in the case of anemia, pregnancy, and for children. 100 grams of dates daily will provide 0.9 mg of iron, which is about 11 % of the recommended daily intake of iron.

Iron has a beneficial effect on the red blood cells and hemoglobin and helps the oxygen flow through the blood.

Dates prevent strokes

The high potassium content in these fruits enhances the nervous system and prevents strokes. Hence, the daily intake of 400 mg of potassium successfully prevents strokes.

Dates for heart health

Soak the dates in water during the night, and in the morning eat them or add them to your smoothie to support heart health.

Dates soothe constipation

Dates are extremely useful in the case of constipation. You should keep them in some water overnight, and then drink the water in the morning to help digestion, and use their mild laxative properties.

Dates help weight loss

The consumption of dates on an empty stomach will help you control your body weight, as they contain no cholesterol.