Carrot with robots peppers and sweet chilli


Onion chopped into small pieces
1 spoon flour
Robot peppers chopped
Carrots chopped
Sweet chili sauce

In a pan fry onion and garlic together and then add carrots cook for few minutes adding a little bit of water. Once the carrot is cooked add the peppers and salt and cook, finally add the sweet chilli sauce and mix together with the carrots


Bunch of spinach chopped
Clove of Garlic chopped
Red pepper
Spoon butter
Cook the spinach and set aside. In the same pan using butter fry garlic and pepper and add your spinach back and cook for 1 – 2 minutes add your flour mix with the spinach and start adding milk slowly until the sauce is nice and thick add salt. Let it simmer.

Rub your chicken pieces with onion powder, fresh thyme, salt, oil and minced garlic. Cook in the oven until the chicken is golden.

Credit: In The Kitchen with Vicky

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