Stickychicken drumsticks😋

Simply rub your chicken with garlic and spices and salt,add butter as shown in the picture then bake your drumsticks.

For the sauce
White pepper
Lemon juice
Chilli sauce
1/2 a cup of brown packed sugar
Worcestershire sauce
2 teaspoons of flour

On a pan melt butter,add garlic,sugar,flour then add everything and keep stirring until the sauce starts to boil and thicken then remove from heat and coat your chicken. Do not use high heat as your sugar will burn and give your chicken a bitter taste.


Credit: By Grace Food Affair

Tried out @Pasta joy penne pasta with chicken hearts,here is the recipe❤

You need .
Penne pasta
Chicken hearts
Curry powder
Mixed herbs
Chilli flakes
Lemon and herbs
Chicken masala spice
Lemon (optional)
Tomato paste /1 spoon of tikka marinade
1/2 teaspoon of crushed garlic (not in the picture)
1 teaspoon of sugar

Boil your pasta for 7-8 minutes.
To avoid sticking make sure the water is hot before adding your pasta and never leave your pasta unattended. Keep stirring as it cooks.
On another pot fry you onions then your garlic.
As the onions start to brown add your spices,then tomatoes (you can peel them)
When this cooks,keep crushing your tomatoes until you have no big tomato chunks. Add your chicken hearts. Close lid and allow to cook. Add your tikka marinade or tomato paste. A teaspoon of sugar, lemon zest and allow to cook on low heat. When this has cooked well
Add your pasta and stir.
Sprinkle you chilli flakes and serve😊

The lemon zest is totally optional but I loved it and you might as well try it too ❤

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Recipe by @Dinewithneo on Insta

I twitched a few things❤

Beef (she used lamb)
Green pepper
2 potatoes
Tomato paste
Curry powder
Beef stock
Bay leaves
Olive oil/any cooking oil
Spices of your choice
Salt and pepper


Season your meat with salt and pepper then brown/fry with olive oil on medium heat.
Once browned,remove from heat then on the same pot add your onions,garlic and curry powder. when the onions have softened add your beef
Add your bay leaves and all your other spices
Add your beef stock then water just enough to cover everything
Cover and allow to cook for 1 hour on low heat
Then add in your diced potatoes,after 30 minutes add your carrots and green pepper.
Allow to cook further. Taste and season however you want,enjoy😊

I didn’t do well on this but I will try again over the weekend however the taste was 😋😋

Source: By Grace Food Affair

Steamed bread (ujeqe) with cheese and carrots❤

Steamed bread (ujeqe) with cheese and carrots❤

5 cups of flour
3 teaspoons of yeast
2 tablespoons of sugar
1/2 teaspoon of salt
Robertsons spice for rice
Robertsons mixed herbs
Lemon and herb spice
2 cups of water
Grated cheese
Grated carrots


Mix all your dry ingredients
Add your grated cheese and carrots
Add water to the dry ingredients (pour less each time because if it’s less you can add more but if it’s more you can’t take out the liquids)
Mix well until there are no lumps.
Cover your dough and allow it to rise for as long it needs (fairly an hour)
Prepare your cups by using oil or margarine to make sure it’s easy to pull out your bread.

Fill your cups half way. Allow enough room for your bread to rise. Put your cups in a pot with water.
The water must not be on the same length as the cups as this will result in soggy bread. Fill water just enough to cook your steamed bread.

1 hour is enough.
Allow to cool before removing from cups.

I hope this is clear enough. Also the spices are optional but they do add flavor ❤❤❤

Heres one for beans with mince.

I used
2 cups of beans
1 onion
1 pepper
3 spoons of tomato paste
1 teaspoon of Garlic and ginger
Bay leaves
1 knorr cube
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
Robertsons spice rice
Robertsons mixed herbs
Curry powder

Soak your beans overnight
Cook for 2 hours or until soft with just salt (some put sugar)
On a pan fry your onions with garlic and ginger,add your spices and then add your pepper. Add your mince and cool it until it turns brownish/doesn’t look raw.
After approximately 10 minutes and your tomato paste then put your heat on medium.
Add your knorr cube in a cup filled with hot water (just enough for your mince)
Allow to simmer, add your beans and stir thoroughly making sure everything is incorporated. Taste and serve with steam bread,rice or uphuthu❤

Cedit: By Grace Food Affair


600g flour
Teaspoon of salt
100g sugar
1 dry yeast
400ml warm milk
250g unsalted butter.
Egg wash to glaze.

Very delicious, crispy on the outside, very very light and fluffy on the inside.

I have updated with the method information as requested.

MY recipe for Croissants takes 2 days to prepare other recipes are three days, will simplify it as possible. However I would recommend you google a croissant video to help you as it can get very technical to make and you will improve with time when you practise how to make croissants.

Method 1.

1) warm up milk and then add yeast and sugar, leave for 10 mins for the yeast to activate.

2) On a big bowl, add the flour, sugar and salt and sift it at least 3 times ( I do this for extra fluffiness)

3) pour the warm milk mixture with the yeast and sugar into the flower and knead for 10 mins until batter is stretchy and then leave it the whole day in the sun or overnight but give it at least 8 hours for the first rise.

Method 2.

1) Remove the risen batter and roll it into one big circle and fold the into a long snake like shape. Once the batter is a long roll shape ( like snake) cut out 20 small circles balls.

2) Roll out the circle balls individually rolling them into perfect medium circles (like roti shape)

3) once having rolled out all circle balls into medium roti sizes then spread butter on every individual ball and pile them on top of each other with butter in between. You should have all 20 into one long tall stack with butter in between.

4) put cling wrap on the one big stack and freeze for 35 mins so that the butter in between the stacks freezes ( if you have made pies you will understand better the pastry sheet method)

Method 3

1) Take out the big stack from the freezer and start to roll it into one big circle. You should have one big circle with many layers of butter underneath. ( this will form the layering of the croissants and that pastry pie like feel)

2) Once you have a big circle, cut at the middle of the circle and across the circle like a cross shape in the circle. ( video will help to understand method)

3) you should have big triangle shapes by now, divide these triangle shapes into 4 small triangle shapes and fold them individually which should immediately give you the croissant shapes.

4) once all triangles have been rolled out into croissant shapes, then egg wash them all for that golden finish.

5) put all egg washed raw croissants out in the sun and let them raise for another 5 hours again.

6) Bake at 190° for the first ten minutes and then bake at 165° for the remaining 10 minutes and you have home baked croissants.

Do not get disappointed if you don’t get them right the first time. Just keep at it until you improve. Google any video that will help you if what I said confuses you a bit. Tried to explain it as clear as possible but just like baking pies, you must first see the demonstration physically.

Credit: Grace Gaobepe

Give the name?

vegetable atchaar made my own but you can buy
robot peppers
red onions
tomato sauce
fruit chutney
Worcester sauce
six gun grill

add all your ingredients in a bowl and serve.

Credit: Zaza’s Kitchen


I am so sorry for the delay,I had a busy day at work but here’s the recipe I will share just a standard muffin recipe that you can use anytime.

2 cups of flour
2 eggs
1/2 a cup of buttermilk ( add a teaspoon of vinegar to your milk)
1/4 cup of oil
1/2 cup of melted rama
1/2 cup of sugar
1 and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
Pinch of salt

Teaspoon of vanilla essence

Theres no perfect method with muffins you can mix as you want but this how I mix mine.

  1. Mix all your dry ingredients,keep aside.
  2. On another bowl mix your sugar and melted rama.
  3. Add eggs,vanilla essence then oil.
  4. Pour half of your dry ingredients on the wet,mix and add your buttermilk.
  5. Add your remaining flour and mix until well incorporated. Bake at 180 degrees for 25 -30 minutes.

Personally I love working with thick batter especially with muffins because with thick butter you can add your chocolate chips or fruits you want and your muffins will be rich and delicious.

Also when adding your chocolate chips add a teaspoon of flour on them then add to your butter to avoid your chocolate chip from sinking down.

With the chocolate muffins you only need to add 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder to your dry ingredients and hot water with coffee.

Kindly let me know if you need to know anything and I will respond. I am not a qualified cook or Baker so please do correct me where I am wrong

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These are sweet donuts express, they are so good that they eat at a phenomenal speed.

In 5 minutes, your dough is made and in 30 minutes of rest, it is ready to cook.

Recipe: For about twenty donuts

3 eggs
250g of flour
50 g of sugar
1 sachet of baking powder
25 cl of milk
1 teaspoon of sunflower oil or peanuts
1 pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

In a bowl, combine the flour, sugar and yeast. Dig a well and pour the egg yolks, the oil and the milk in three or four times while mixing so as to incorporate the flour little by little to avoid the formation of lumps.

Let stand for 30 minutes at room temperature.

In a frying pan, heat the oil.

Once the oil is hot, slow down the heat and start cooking the donuts for 2 minutes per donut.

Since the dough is a bit liquid, you can use a tablespoon to form the donut balls.

Once the donuts are cooked, place them on a sheet of absorbent paper to remove excess oil, then roll them in the sugar or sprinkle with icing sugar.

Credit: Le tour de main de passy

Super Easy Macaroni Salad

2 cups macaroni (I use whatever is in my cupboard)
1⁄2 cup cubed cheese (I prefer cheddar or co-jack)
1⁄2 cup cubed ham
1⁄2 cup Miracle Whip (can sub mayo your choice)
1 tablespoon mustard

Cook,drain and rinse macaroni and put in fridge while you dice up cheese and ham.
Mix together cold macaroni, cheese, and ham in a bowl.
In a separate bowl mix miracle whip and mustard. (If it is too tangy my mom would put a little sugar in it about a tsp.).
Mix it all together and chill or serve immediately.

Credit: healthysrecipes

Here’s how I made my beef patties.

I used mince
2 eggs (depending on your mince,you can use just 1) the egg is to bind your ingredients.
Lemon and herb (I just love it)
Robertsons mixed herbs
Chilli flakes


Mix all these and shape your mince into round balls and push it down to flatten it to your preferred thickness
Place this on something that it will not stick on
Store in the fridge for 30 minutes or more then fry. Make sure to use a fork and pork your patties so they can release juices and cook well,you don’t want that raw meat in between.


Credit: By Grace Food Affair