Sweet chilli chicken thighs served with potatoe salad and chakalaka

Marinade for chicken-
Sweet chilli sauce,
a bit of tomato paste,
a teaspoon of brown sugar,
chicken spice,
black pepper.
Mix everything together and marinate the chicken.
Put in the oven for an hour, baste the chicken with the left over marinade while cooking

Potato salad- Boil potatoes in salt, once cooked, drain the water. Fry bacon. Put 3 table spoon of Dijon mustard and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Add spring onion, black pepper

Chakalaka- fry carrots, onion, red, green and yellow peppers, add baked beans, paprika, curry powder, green chillies, BBQ spice, salt and pepper.

Credit: Portia’s Catering

Oxtail stew served with brown rice and pumpkin

Brown rice-
Boil brown rice according to instructions
then fry onions and peppers.
Added garlic
and vegetable spice.

Oxtail Stew-
In a bowl,
pour flour,
black pepper,
mixed herbs
and coat the oxtail in the flour.
Brown the oxtail and then boil until cooked. In another pot, boil carrots, patty pan and baby marrow for 15minutes, when cooked drain the water.

Fry onions, add garlic and add the oxtail in. Then add tomato paste, salt, curry powder and Durban curry cook in sauce and add a bit of water. Then add vegetables and simmer for few minutes.

Credit: Portia’s Catering