Vannila Queenies

4 cups of cake flour
4 teaspoons of baking powder
2 cups of caster sugar
125g baking margarine
2 Tablespoons of caramel essence
1 cup cooking oil
2 cups of full cream milk

Method sieve your dry ingredients
cream margarine and sugar add oil mix
add caramel essence mix add eggs mix add baking powder mix 2 cups of flour mix and one cup of milk add 2 cups of flour and the remaining cup of milk mix and pour into cupcakes holders bake in your muffin pan 160 for 15 minutes and enjoy 🙂

nb this mixture makes 36 cupcakes

Credit: Zaza’s Kitchen

Creamy samp

Samp (I used the 30minutes samp)
1 carrot
1 onion
Few leaves spring onion
Half a cup of milk (preferably full cream)
6 spoons of cremora
Robertsons mixed herbs


Boil your samp then drain all the water out,on another pot fry your onions with garlic then add your grated carrots,add your spices and your chopped spring onion .
When this has cooked ,add your boiled samp into the pot and stir. Add your liquid milk,stir again and add your cremora and make sure you lower your heat and allow to simmer for 5 minutes and remove from heat.

You can add butter when boiling your samp I didn’t this time because I knew I was going to drain all the water out. Enjoy😊

Credit: By Grace Food Affair

Chicken served with masala potatoes and spinach

Masala potatoes- Boil potatoes when cooked put aside. Fry onion, add garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, cumin powder and coriander powder, masala powder and a can of tomatoes. Add the potatoes and add salt and pepper and simmer for few minutes and garnish with fresh coriander.

Tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, garlic salt, mixed herb, chicken spice, black pepper. Mix everything together. Add to the chicken. Marinade for few hours, then put in the oven then use the left over to base the chicken.

Spinach- Boil spinash when cooked drain the water. Add butter salt and pepper and fresh cream. Simmer for few minutes.

Credit: Portia’s Catering

Mash potatoes with cabbage and bacon served with sausages

Mash potato recipe

Boil potatoes in garlic
and ginger,
salt and black pepper.
When potatoes are cooked, put aside.
Fry the bacon until crispy and put aside. In the same pan you fried the bacon, fry the cabbage.
When the cabbage is cooked,
add the potatoes,
add butter,
fresh cream
and mash the potatoes.
Add the bacon.
Sprinkle with chives.
I don’t have chives so I will be using fresh parsley.

Credit: Portia’s Catering

Chicken wings served with pan fried veges and avocado salad.

Avocado Salad
Chop red onion,
add kidney beans+ drain the kidney beans).
Put that in a bowl.
Add salt,
black pepper,
olive oil
and lemon juice.

Pan fried Veges- In a pan, add oil, green beans, carrots and garlic. Fry for few minutes and add the peppers. Add roasted vegetables spice and simmer for few

Marinade for chicken wings- Salt, BBQ sauce, chicken spice and mixed herbs. Mix everything together and marinade the chicken for 2hrs. Put the chicken in the oven 180 for 45minutes. Brush the wings with left over marinade after 30minites in the oven.

Credit: Portia’s Catering

Lunch is served- Oxtail served with mash and spinash

Brown the meat with:
and black pepper.
Add carrots and onion.
Then add water.
When the oxtail is cooked
add tomato paste,
BBQ spice
brown onion
and simmer

Mash potatoes Boil potatoes with salt, when cooked add butter and mash.

Boil the spinach,
when cooked,
add salt,
black pepper
and butter.
Then cream of mushroom and a bit of fresh cream.

Source: Portia’s Catering

Wings with savoury rice

Im so inlove with wings, easy to make and delicious😜

Savoury rice
Cook rice as per instructions.
In a pan, fry green beans with garlic,
add red onion,
green and yellow pepper.
Then add
vegetable spice.
Then add to the rice and mix everything together.

Marinade for chicken wings- Tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, garlic, mixed herbs, salt, black pepper, chicken spice. Mix everything together. Marinade the chicken overnight. Put the chicken in the oven for 45 to an hour (180) Brunch the wings with the left over marinade.

Via: Portia’s Catering

Oxtail served with mash potatoes

oxtail pieces
carrots, peeled and thinly sliced
1 large onion, sliced
cloves garlic, crushed
dried thyme
Bay Leaves
hot water
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
Tomato sauce
A packet of beef and rosemary dry cook in sauce
Peppers( green, red and yellow)

Brown the oxtail pieces all over in a drizzling of hot oil in a pot. Lift them out and set aside.
In the same pot, toss in the carrot, onion over medium heat until tender.
Add garlic, thyme, bay leaves , salt and black pepper and tomato sauce. Then add water
Cover with a lid and simmer slowly for 2 ½ – 3 hours. The meat should be very tender, but not quite falling off the bone. Add the peppers and the dry cook in sauce and simmer.

Credit: Portia’s Catering

Share yo savee

1 kg cake flour
5 ml salt
30 ml sugar
1 sachet instant dry yeast (10 g)
125 g SPAR margarine
500 ml water and milk mixed
2 large eggs
Black olives
Cumin seed you can even use sesame seeds


Combine the flour, salt, sugar and yeast in a mixing bowl.Warm the water/milk and margarine together .Beat in egg, then pour immediately onto the flour, mixing initially with a wooden spoon and then your hands, to bring it together to a smooth dough.Set aside . Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 30 minutes.For glaze, combine the sugar, butter, honey and egg white; drizzle over dough. Bake at 350° for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Brush with additional honey if desired. I used my dough for bread and rolls…I just added olives and cumin seed for bread.

Source: Cooking with Metjie

Caramel delight

2 packets tennis biscuits
500ml fresh cream
1can ( 360ml )caramel condensed milk
1 large Aero chocolate bar
1 large Aero peppermint bar
Vanilla yoghurt

Whisk the cream untill stiff and fold in the caramel condensed milk, layer the biscuit crumbs , crushed chocolates and vanilla yoghurt in a glass finishing with a layer of peppermint bar pieces for 3 hours in the fridge. .garnish with cherries.

Via: Cooking with Metjie